The Centre for Women’s Mental Health

"I hope the centre will help empower women of all backgrounds to have the confidence to manage their lives, to be able to choose, to be able to decide and to be able to cope with the results of their choices and decisions," Heloise Pratt, September 2006.

Research shows that women are more likely than men to experience certain mental health problems, such as clinical depression, clinical anxiety and eating disorders. Yet the availability of specialist care in this area has been vastly under-represented in Australia’s public health system.

As a long standing supporter of both The Women’s and mental health, The Pratt Foundation decided to augment the hospital’s multi-disciplinary, social and holistic health care services. In August 2006, Heloise Pratt, The Pratt Foundation’s Chair, announced a grant of $2.5 million, the largest private donation at the time for women’s mental health services in Australia. Its purpose was to establish the country’s first comprehensive centre for women’s mental health and well-being.

Since its introduction to the hospital, which co-incided with the move from its old location in Carlton to the new building in Parkville, the Centre has become an integral feature of the hospital’s expanded psychological and mental health services.

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