Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Each year, the Peter MacCallum Centre, located in East Melbourne, plays a central role in caring for Victoria’s 25,000 cancer patients.

Each year, Melbourne's Peter MacCallum Centre plays a central role in caring for Victoria’s 25,000 cancer patients, two of whom have included the late Richard Pratt and his daughter Heloise Waislitz, Chair of The Pratt Foundation. For many years Pratt Philanthropies, via The Pratt Foundation, has given generously to Peter Mac, helping to ensure the hospital stays at the forefront of cancer research, treatment and survivorship.

Peter Mac is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer, and one of an elite group of hospitals worldwide to have its own integrated cancer research program and laboratories. The research is undertaken by over 400 scientists, clinical researchers, allied health professionals and support staff.

Over some two decades, The Pratt Foundation has supported programs in palliative care, clinical psychiatry, and blood cell therapies. But its two major partnerships have focused on a more holistic and long-term approach to cancer treatment.

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