Pratt History

The Pratt family business, Visy, which has created the wealth which, literally, created the foundation for the Pratt Foundation, began as a shop-front box manufacturer in suburban Melbourne in 1948. After Richard Pratt succeeded his father, Leon Pratt, in 1969, he built an international company which now employs over 9,000, managed by his son, Anthony. Thus into the third generation, Visy remains a family business, privately owned, and with a strong family culture, reflected in its way of doing business and philanthropy.

And at the personal level, Richard and Jeanne Pratt's immediate family of three children - Anthony, Heloise, and Fiona -- has expanded over the past two decades to include nine grandchildren. 


Richard Pratt

The late Richard Pratt was a prominent Australian businessman, philanthropist, and public figure. Chairman of the privately owned packaging company Visy, president of the Carlton Football Club, Richard together with his wife, Jeanne, established the Pratt Foundation in 1978.



Jeanne Pratt AC

In 1978, Jeanne, together with her husband Richard Pratt, established Pratt Philanthropies with a vision to support important causes in Australia and around the world. Pratt Philanthropies donates more than $10 million annually and is one of the largest sources of philanthropy in Australia. Jeanne has made her mark as an incredibly passionate businesswoman, philanthropist and leading supporter of the arts.


The Family

Anthony Pratt

Anthony Pratt, son of Richard and Jeanne Pratt, is Visy's Executive Chairman. Anthony has spearheaded the family’s business expansion into the United States, where he built Pratt Industries over the past two decades. Anthony's comittment to environmental sustainability and clean energy, has received recognition from the Clinton Global Initiative, Mikhail Gorbachev’s Global Green USA, and Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation. He is also a seed funder and member of the Climate Group, a leading international environmental group founded by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Anthony and his wife Claudine Revere have two children.

Heloise Pratt AM

Since assuming the role of Pratt Foundation Chair in 1995, Heloise Pratt, Richard and Jeanne Pratt's daughter, has led Pratt Philanthropies to a new generation of philanthropy and social investment. In particular, Heloise has been a pioneer in the funding of mental health, where her initiatives have included the Pratt Foundation's seed funding of  major projects at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Schizophrenia Research Institute, and the Centre for Women’s Mental Health at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. Heloise has three children.

Fiona Geminder

Fiona Geminder, daughter of Richard and Jeanne Pratt, is a director of Visy and is also actively involved in the PACT group of companies with her husband Raphael Geminder. A Monash University Law graduate, she has championed significant financial support for the Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service through the Pratt Foundation. Fiona and Raphael have four children.