Established in Melbourne in 1978 by the late Richard Pratt and Jeanne Pratt AC, Pratt Philanthropies is one of the largest private sources of philanthropy in Australia. The Pratt Foundation's mission statement is "To enrich the lives of our communities". And it aims to pursue that goal, in the words of Jeremiah, in "a spirit of kindness, justice and equity".

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Over three decades of giving.

The Pratt Foundation was established in Melbourne in 1978 by Richard Pratt and Jeanne Pratt AC with the shared vision of supporting charitable enterprises and adding value to philanthropy.  The Foundation and the wider entity Pratt Philanthropies are now amongst the largest private sources of philanthropy in Australia.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the journey so far and to point the way ahead, is to consider the Pratt Foundation's mission statement: “To enrich the lives of our communities”. The statement highlights the diversity and pluralism of the communities which Pratt Philanthropies serves and our commitment to add value to them.

Creativity and involvement have been hallmarks of the way Richard, Jeanne and their children have given through Pratt Philanthropies. Their approach has sought to offer not only financial support, but in addition, the benefit of their experience and time to ensure the success of each initiative.

In this way, Pratt Philanthropies’ approach to giving is less re-active to submissions, but more pro-active in supporting those projects which reflect the family's and Foundation's priorities. Thus Pratt Philanthropies continues to fund a wide variety of charitable enterprises, but we no longer consider unsolicited submissions or requests. We choose our grants predominantly on the basis of our own research, due dilligence, and strategic planning.


The Founders

Richard Pratt (1934-2009), and Jeanne Pratt AC , both born in Poland, and who came to Australia as refugees in 1939, created a legacy of leadership in business, philanthropy and public service.

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The Chairperson

Heloise Pratt AM, daughter of Richard and Jeanne Pratt, is the Chairperson of the Pratt Foundation, Visy Cares, and the Richard Pratt Fellowships in Prostate Cancer Research.

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The Trustees

Sam Lipski BA, LLD (Hon) AM is The Pratt Philanthropies CEO and an Executive Trustee. Ian Allen OAM, BEc, M Admin, FAIM, FAICD is an Executive Trustee and Visy Cares Chief Executive.

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The Pratt Foundation

Since its creation in 1978, The Pratt Foundation has donated over $250 million to thousands of community organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Israel. The Foundation's trustees and staff, in keeping with Foundation's  objectives of adding value, have also participated in many non-profit organisations as board members, fund-raisers, and advisers.

The Pratt Family Foundation

The inclusion of the reference to "Family" in one of the trusts which serve Pratt Philanthropies highlights the Pratt family's involvement, individually and collectively. For example, the Pratt family home in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, Raheen, which  Jeanne Pratt AC, and more recently Anthony Pratt, have made available to the non-profit community, has become a widely recognised venue for charitable fund-raising activities which, over some three decades, have raised scores of millions of dollars.

Visy Cares

The late Richard Pratt established Visy Cares to promote Visy's social responsibility  and corporate citizenship. It works to develop capital projects, especially those that respond to the needs of the communities where Visy has large factories and plants or where Visy has identified significant community priorities. Each Visy Cares project is owned by its stakeholders and surrounding community.

Richard Pratt Fellowships in Prostate Cancer Research

The Richard Pratt Fellowships in Prostate Cancer, in honour of Richard Pratt who died from prostate cancer, aim to identify improved treatment of this illness. Each year the Award commits $100,000 to fund a research fellowship involving translational research in prostate cancer. Since 2010, the Carlton and Collingwood AFL football clubs have competed annually for the Richard Pratt Cup and raised funds for the Fellowships.